Our inboxes get bombarded every day with the same types of messages:

"Hey, will you sign me?"

"Yo famm….check out my SoundCloud. Can we set up a conversation about future management?” I’m a hard working [influencer/artist/producer] (with 200 followers).

I have a lot of buzz in [insert town nobody’s ever heard of] and I just need some help to get my name out"

You get the idea...

Unfortunately, this approach will never get anyone signed.

So what does it REALLY take to get signed?

What do Almost Famous (and every other management company/label/etc) look for in potential clients?

We look for a number of things but mainly:

  • A Unique Brand
  • Solid/Reliable Work Ethic
  • Undeniable Natural Talent
  • Existing Success

Generally, if you have a good brand, work ethic, and talent you will also have some buzz and somewhat of a following.

If you're not getting signed you most likely need to improve in one or more of these areas.

Let's analyze what the typical career trajectory of a successful [influencer/artists/producer] looks like:

As you can see, it's an exponential curve.

Lots of work with slow growth (let's call this "The Grind" stage) and then BAM - a viral video or hit record later and we see an accelerated rise in popularity.

Management companies and labels tend to sign acts during the "acceleration" point of the exponential curve (see arrow). 

This area is ideal because there is already established demand and a brand already built while still leaving room for growth. 


If you are a record label, management company, or potential sponsor, the red zone is a high risk, low reward proposition.

And most likely the real reason you're not getting signed.

You're still in the red zone.

Unfortunately, 99.9% of people never leave the red zone because while they work hard, they don't work smart.

You may be thinking: "Ok it makes sense, but how do I go from the red zone to the green zone?"

First of all, you have to do it yourself.

Nobody is going to do this for you.

The truth is it's simply not worth it for a management company to invest time and money into someone for a .01% chance of making a standard 20% management cut. 

It's a lot easier to sign existing success because well, we have the choice. 

Think of it this way - would you build up an entire business and then let someone take 80% of it? Probably not.  

Well generally neither do labels and management companies!

You have to invest in yourself and create real demand for your brand before anyone will sign you.

It's as simple as that!